Folded towel animals are a fun way to welcome guests to your home. These attractive and often humorous accessories can be left on a bathroom countertop or on display on a waiting guest bed, along with a fresh bathrobe and slippers. The extra time and loving care it takes to create a folded towel animal truly invites the guest to smile and relax. But be prepared; your guests may want you to teach them how to make them too.

Folded towel elephant.
Fold each end toward the center.

Step 1

Fold a bath towel 6 to 8 inches in from each long end toward the center.

Fold to meet in the center.

Step 2

Fold the bath towel again so that the folded edges meet in the center.

Roll the sides toward the center (both).

Step 3

Roll the folded bath towel toward the center across the folds, from both sides. Turn the rolls over to create the elephant legs.


Step 4

Curl and plump the legs for a good elephant appearance.

Make tight angled rolls creating a point on one side.

Step 5

Find the half-way point along the side of a hand towel, and roll each side inward with this point as a pivot point. (The more tight these rolls are the better your elephant will look.)

Shaping the trunk and ears.

Step 6

Turn the rolled hand towel over. Shape the trunk from the point end.

Place head on legs to create a towel elephant.

Step 7

Fold back the top layer of towel that is away from the point to make the head. The ears flop out naturally. Set the head on the elephant legs for a fun look.

Folded bath towel.

Step 8

Fold the upper corner of the bath towel toward the center on each end.

Rolling the folded ends to the center.

Step 9

Roll the folded ends toward the center, making a point at one end and open towel spirals at the other end.

Creating the swan shape.

Step 10

Turn over the rolled towel and shape the swan.