How to Make Shaved Ice With a Blender

Frozen mixed drinks, syrupy dessert creations and cool, creamy smoothies all have at least one thing in common -- shaved ice. The small slivers of ice give these different recipes the freezing cold crunch of ice without the annoying bulk of ice cubes. The idea is to make the pieces of ice thin enough that they melt almost instantly in your mouth. Fortunately, you can let your blender do all the work.

A snow cone can be made from shaved ice and sweetened syrup.

Step 1

Put the jar attachment of the blender into the freezer for at least one hour before attempting to shave the ice. This will help keep the thin ice shavings from melting right away.

Step 2

Remove the blender jar from the freezer and reattach it to the blender base. Turn the blender on the "Mix" or "Medium" setting.

Step 3

Drop one ice cube at a time into the blender. When the bottom of the blender is covered in ice shavings, spoon them out into a glass or container. Place the container of ice slivers in the freezer to stop them from melting while you continue to shave more ice.