How to Convert to Grams for Measuring Spoons

Converting grams to measurements used to denominate measuring spoons is often necessary to cook with recipes. Although some countries use grams in recipes, the United States does not. If your measuring implements are denominated in grams, you will need to convert grams into teaspoons or tablespoons in order to make such recipes.

Some recipes require you to convert grams into teaspoons and tablespoons.

Step 1

Divide the total number of grams by 4.2, as that is the approximate amount of grams in a teaspoon. For instance, if you want to know how many teaspoons are in 10 grams, you would divide 10 by 4.2, which would leave you with about 2 teaspoons. To know how many tablespoons are in a total number of grams, divide the gram amount by 14.3.

Step 2

Use a conversion calculator. Conversion calculators can be found on a few cooking websites. Enter the amount of grams into the calculator and set the unit on "grams." Then choose the measurement to which you would like the amount of grams to be converted--either teaspoons or tablespoons. Then press the "convert" button.

Step 3

Adjust the measurements according to the type of ingredients you are using. Converting grams into teaspoons and tablespoons requires that you convert a mass into a volume. A gram of sugar weighs much less than a gram of butter; therefore, you need to use the conversion method and the conversion calculator as an estimate for your measurements.