How to Remove a Ball Jar Lid

One way to enjoy the fruits and vegetables from your garden all winter long is to can them. Home canning is a process of heating food in jars at high temperatures. The heat deactivates enzymes and kills microorganisms that cause food spoilage. The process creates a vacuum seal and requires special jars. Ball has been a favorite among home canners for generations. Removing a ball jar lid to enjoy the fruits of your labor is a bit different than opening a standard lid. The flat part of the lid and the lid ring are two separate pieces on a Ball jar.

A rubber lid opener is handy for removing Ball jar lids.

Step 1

Hold the Ball jar on a flat counter securely in one hand. Twist the lid ring counterclockwise with your free hand and remove it from the jar. Use a rubber lid opener if the lid is extremely tight.

Step 2

Insert a lift-type can opener or a butter knife between the seam of the flat lid and the top of the jar.

Step 3

Pry the flat lid off the jar with the can opener or knife until you can grab it with your fingers. Lift the lid completely off the jar.