Leather is a versatile fabric that can be used to construct everything from couches to stilettos and coats to car upholstery. Leather is also an expensive fabric, but with the proper care, it can last several years. You can clean and maintain leather without professional intervention. You can purchase the products to clean leather at any grocery store, or you might already have them in your pantry or underneath your kitchen sink.

Keep your red leather looking new.

Step 1

Lightly dampen a soft cloth with warm water.

Step 2

Apply a few drops of mild soap to the cloth. Rub the cloth against itself to create a lather. Look for a soap that is free of dyes and perfumes and contains natural ingredients, such as aloe.

Step 3

Test a small part of the leather to ensure that the soap does not cause any damage. The test area should be a spot on the leather that is not as visible, such as a seam inside a leather coat.

Step 4

Rub the red leather with the damp cloth if the test area has shown no signs of damage.

Step 5

Remove the soapy solution from the leather with a dry cloth.

Step 6

Allow the leather to air-dry in a cool spot if there is any moisture remaining. Never place the red leather piece in front of a heating vent or in direct sunlight. This could cause the leather to crack or become discolored.

Step 7

Apply a layer of leather conditioner with a soft cloth, if desired.