How to Fluff Couch Cushions

As the feathers in your down or feather-filled couch cushions are compressed, they settle and rearrange, clumping together and exposing harder portions of your couch's framework. The cushions end up looking saggy and sad. A periodic fluffing of the cushions, attached or not, can make the couch look and feel better.


Step 1

Remove all detachable cushions from your couch and set them aside.

Step 2

Using your hand or a large wooden spoon, pat or beat repeatedly on any attached cushions. Work from the bottom of each cushion and move upward. Repeat this bottom-to-top method until you are satisfied, using more force when necessary to achieve the fluff you want.

Step 3

Grab one of the removed cushions in one hand and hold it out, away from your body. With your other hand, hit the cushion a few times repeatedly, using the spoon or your bare hand.

Step 4

Rotate the cushion in your hand, and continue to fluff it. Keep turning your cushion and beating it until you've turned it completely around and held all four sides.

Step 5

Replace the cushions on your couch as you finish fluffing them until you are done and all the cushions are back in place.