How to Reheat BBQ Ribs in the Microwave

Leftover barbecue ribs do not have to take a long time to reheat, nor does reheating them require an oven or grill. The fastest way to turn your ribs from cold leftovers into dinner is to use the microwave. In as little as one minute, you can have piping-hot ribs ready to eat. Watch the ribs in the microwave carefully as some more-powerful microwave ovens might require less time, and lower wattage microwaves might need additional cooking time.

Reheat your ribs in the microwave if you need them quickly.

Step 1

Line a microwave-safe dish with paper towels.

Step 2

Remove the ribs from their original storage container and place nor more than six on the paper-lined dish.

Step 3

Cover the ribs with a second paper towel to prevent splatters in your microwave oven.

Step 4

Heat the ribs on high power for one minute or until they bubble and are hot in the center.

Step 5

Serve the ribs with barbecue sauce, if desired.

Athena Hessong

Athena Hessong began her freelance writing career in 2004. She draws upon experiences and knowledge gained from teaching all high-school subjects for seven years. Hessong earned a Bachelor in Arts in history from the University of Houston.