People display potpourri, commonly made of things such as dried herbs and flower petals and essential oils, to give rooms a pleasant scent. Just like anything else in the home exposed to the elements, potpourri can collect dust. Although you might be tempted to just mix up the potpourri to refresh the scent and hide the dust, it is better to remove the dust.

Smelling dusty potpourri may make you sneeze.

Step 1

Scoop the potpourri from the container by hand or with a large spoon. Place the potpourri into one leg of a pair of nylons.

Step 2

Tie the end of the nylons so the potpourri can't spill out.

Step 3

Shake and spin the potpourri-filled nylons outside in the yard for a few minutes until you've gotten rid of the dust.

Step 4

Replace the dust-free potpourri into the container.