How to Freeze Split Pea Soup

A warm bowl of split pea soup may be just what your body and taste buds crave today. But, if you wind up with more split pea soup than you will reasonably consume within the next few days, you can freeze it to enjoy later. Freezing leftovers, including split pea soup, is an economical way to stretch your grocery budget by preventing foods from spoiling. It also makes for easy meal-time preparation on the days when you don't feel like cooking.

Enjoy some now, enjoy the rest later.

Step 1

Fill a shallow container with ice cubes and water.

Step 2

Set the bowl or pot of split pea soup into the ice water and leave it for five to 10 minutes. This quickly reduces the temperature of the soup so you can put it into containers or bags if it is still too warm.

Step 3

Pour the soup into a freezer bag or airtight plastic container once it has cooled, leaving 1 inch of room at the top.

Step 4

Seal the bag or close the lid on the container tightly to keep air out.

Step 5

Write the current date on the bag or container. You also can write it on a piece of tape and affix it to the container.

Step 6

Place the soup into the freezer with the opening facing up so that it can solidify without the danger of leaking into your freezer.