How to Make My Yorkie Stop Peeing on the Floor

Yorkshire terriers are intelligent, active dogs well suited for small apartments, life on the farm and any environment in between. Unfortunately, Yorkies are difficult to housebreak, causing frustration and negative feelings. To prevent indoor accidents, crate train your Yorkie, provide positive reinforcement and give him plenty of opportunities to do his business outside.

Take your Yorkie outside regularly to prevent indoor accidents.

Step 1

Prepare an appropriately-sized, comfortable crate for your Yorkie during the housebreaking period. This could be a cardboard box or a commercial pet crate spacious enough for the dog to turn around in and lie down. Place your pet's favorite blanket and toy in the crate to make her feel safe, and provide fresh water at all times. Keep the Yorkie in the crate at all times except during feeding, playtime and walk time. In the wild, dogs sleep and relax in compact dens, so your pet will feel safe in a well-prepared crate. Dogs are unlikely to pee in their sleeping spot.

Step 2

Take the Yorkie to his toilet spot after you wake up, after meals, before bedtime and every two hours throughout the day. The toilet spot may be a designated spot outside, an indoor litter box or a potty pad available at pet stores. Bring him to the same toilet area at the start of each walk so he associates the spot with doing his business. After he goes to the bathroom, praise him and give him a treat, followed by an extended walk if possible. Through this positive reinforcement, the Yorkie will develop positive associations with peeing in his designated area. Walk the pet for a total of one hour or more each day.

Step 3

Stop crate training and let your dog roam free around the house after two weeks. By this time, she should know to do her business outside, in her litter box or on a potty pad. You may leave the crate available for her to use at her leisure – dogs typically enjoy having a personal den area.

Step 4

Scold your dog immediately if he has an accident. Take your dog to the accident spot and scold with an assertive "NO." After the accident, immediately take him to visit his toilet area. Hitting your pet, revoking privileges or yelling and screaming are ineffective punishments for dogs.

Step 5

Clean up all accident spots with paper towels and treat the area with white vinegar to eliminate urine and feces odors. Dogs are more likely to return to spots marked with their personal odor.