Con-Tact paper is a brand of thin adhesive-backed vinyl often used in home organizing, decorating and craft projects. First known as a shelf liner, Con-Tact paper has become a decorating tool throughout the home. Con-Tact is a brand of the Kittrich Corporation, which was formed in 1978.

More Variety

Con-Tact paper's popularity grew out of its and ease of application. Con-Tact comes in a variety of prints and faux finishes, including chalkboard and metal effects. While styles of the self-adhesive paper have changed throughout the years, the easy-to-use cutting grid on the back has not. Con-Tact paper is sold in rolls typically 18 to 18.5 inches wide.

Lining Drawer Shelves

Measure the area to be covered, then cut with scissors a section of the adhesive paper to fit. The grid printed on the back of the paper that covers the adhesive helps you cut straight lines. You also may then trace it directly onto the paper backing to help you cut.

Lining Bookcase Shelves

Measure the area to be covered, including the exposed sides of the shelves. Add an additional inch to the width measurement to allow Con-Tact paper to be folded over the sides and slightly under each shelf.

Decorating With Con-Tact Paper

There are many creative ways to incorporate Con-Tact paper into your home or office decor. Some ideas are:

Laying Con-Tact Paper

Applying Con-Tact paper is as simple as peeling and sticking, but makes the job go faster. Peel back a corner of the paper backing and position it in place. Continue to pull small sections of the paper backing away from the Con-Tact paper and smooth it into place little by little.