How to Store Extra Beds

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Things You'll Need

  • Extra mattresses

  • Blow up mattresses

  • Extra bedding supplies

  • Outdoor furniture cushions

  • Pillows


Keep your extra bedding covered. Anything on the floor gets dirty really fast! Pick up extra odd sheets really cheap at thrift sores.

Are you the kind of person who loves to have a ton of company over - but it seems there's never enough room for them all to sleep? There are a lot of ways to hide places and create places for adults and kids to sleep. Read on for some really neat solutions to the sleeping over dilemma.

Room you didn't know you had!

Step 1

There's a wonderfully handy place to store extra mattresses that you may have never thought of. How about under the beds throughout the house? Well, I know, duh - but, really, did you ever think about that? They usually fit quite nicely under there. Usually you'll have to put a twin under a full, queen or king so there's room to pull it out for sleeping but if you can fit a bigger bed, then go for it.

Step 2

First, put down a blanket a little bigger than the mattress and put the mattress on top of it. This will help it slide better. If you have enough sheets, make the bed up and then cover it with a plastic sheet, an old fabric sheet or whatever else you have so that it will stay clean. Now, slide it under the bed. You may have to get mattresses that aren't real thick - but these are only for people to sleep a day or two on, aren't they?

Step 3

Blow up mattresses are great, too. They come so they just have to be plugged in to inflate - very handy. These can fold up pretty small to fit in closets or attics but if there's no extra room, think outside the box. Fold the mattress long and flat and put it inside a garbage bag and it will slide under the skirt on many couches. Fold it differently and you can put it under a large chair. If you have any beds without real mattresses under them you can fit several of these under a regular bed. Just cover them to keep them clean.

Step 4

Take the cushions off your lawn furniture and cover them with twin sheets and blankets for a small makeshift bed. A child or very small built adult could fit nicely on a thick chaise lounge pad. Short chair pads will be good for little children, too.

Step 5

You can always just make palettes anywhere on the floor for kids. They can also bunk on recliners and chairs with ottomans. Small babies can even sleep in deep drawers or laundry baskets (moms have done this for years).

Step 6

If space is a real problem, you need one of those bag systems that you use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the air out of. These are wonderful and you can flatten out extra pillows and blankets to store much more easily.

Step 7

You can fit a whole lot more people than you ever thought possible using all these ideas. It may not be the most comfortable solution but, then, you really didn't want them to move in for good, did you?

Sheila C. Wilkinson

Sheila Wilkinson worked as an editor and writer for "The St. Mary Journal" and has published extensively on various websites. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of South Alabama, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in interdisciplinary studies in the areas of psychology, sociology and English. Sheila owns an Internet bookstore.