How to Price Items for a Garage Sale

How to Price Items for a Garage Sale. Organizing a garage sale is a huge task that includes knowing what to sell, creating space for the sale items and pricing the items so they sell for a profit. Learn to price items at a garage sale for optimum results.

Step 1

Know your goals for having a garage sale. If your purpose is to clear away clutter, price items low to encourage a purchase. If you want to make money and have high-end items and antiques, price items slightly higher so you can make a profit.

Step 2

Use the percentage rule--price garage sale items at ten percent of the original cost. For example, a handbag that cost you ten dollars should be priced at one dollar at a garage sale.

Step 3

Factor in the condition of the items when setting an item's price for a garage sale. Something in poor condition or electronics that don't work should be priced low and marked "as is" on the tag to discourage customers from asking for a lower price.

Step 4

Bundle similar items for one price. Books, games, videos, craft supplies and golf balls are items that can be sold together. Depending on the condition and brand of the items, offer them for sale at three for a dollar. If you just want to get rid of the bulk items, up the quantity to five for a dollar.

Step 5

Advertise your garage sale in the local paper or an online site. List some of the more popular items for sale to attract customers.

Step 6

Lower prices by fifty percent on the last day of your sale to move unwanted merchandise. Advertise the special day in the local paper to attract customers.