How to Organize Hair Accessories

How to Organize Hair Accessories. Are your bathroom drawers a hodgepodge of ponytail holders, bobby pins and styling products with the color and consistency of a science project gone wrong? Don't let poorly organized accessories give you a bad hair day. Follow the useful guidelines below to keep hair accessories accessible, styling aids styling and both out of the way.

Step 1

Hunt and gather. Chances are your pony tail holders, bobby pins, and other accessories are ****tered about the house. Track down all your hair accessories, hair products and styling aids and form a pile.

Step 2

Separate hair accessories from hair products.

Step 3

Throw away broken clips, outdated pieces and stretched out ponytail holders.

Step 4

Dispose of styling products that are over 2 years old.

Step 5

Decide where to keep your hair accessories and styling products. While the bathroom is the most likely place, consider bedroom dressing areas as well.

Step 6

Store hairspray and other styling products in bathroom cabinets.

Step 7

Clip pony tail holders onto a shower curtain ring to keep them all together and easily accessible.

Step 8

Select or create a holder for bobby pins that can lay flat in a drawer or container for space-saving storage.

Step 9

Keep hair accessories in a functional, catch-all container. Tackle boxes, tool chests and craft kits come equipped with compartments and are easy to stow away.