How to Organize Makeup

How to Organize Makeup. Do you have enough tubes of mascara to keep a movie star's lashes covered for the next three years? Does it take you more time to find your lipstick than to apply it? Organizing and maintaining cosmetics is not only helpful, it's sanitary. Check out these tips to keep your beauty regime regimented.

Step 1

Pick out products that are over a year old and toss them. Old makeup is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Step 2

Applicators and brushes should be cleaned regularly. Fill a sink with hot water and mild soap and let them soak. Rinse thoroughly and dry before using again. Store brushes upright in a cup or container.

Step 3

Maintain your remaining makeup by ensuring that all lids are tightly secured, covers are in tact and dull pencils are sharpened.

Step 4

Begin sorting individual products. Organize first by type and then color.

Step 5

Contain your collection. Use tackle boxes, desktop storage bins, and other containers that can accommodate an assortment of shapes and sizes.

Step 6

If makeup is being kept in a drawer, use shallow dividers to create order. Silverware holders serve as great storage units and are perfectly designed to accommodate lip and eye pencils.