Folded towels topple when you remove one and take up extra room in a tight space. Try rolling your towels for an easy alternative to flat-folded or hanging towels in the bathroom.

Basic Towel Roll

Choose the way you roll your towels based on the space available to display or store them. Fold clean towels lengthwise in thirds, from the edges to the center, or in half. Those folded lengthwise in thirds will be more compact but fatter. Towels folded lengthwise in half roll up longer and skinnier.

  • Start at one end and carefully roll the towel, keeping the edges even and smoothing any wrinkles as you go.
  • Once the entire towel is rolled, stack a number of them together, saving space.
  • Turn back one corner before stacking each towel if a simple rolled towel seems too plain to you.

Fancy Towel Roll

Roll hand towels for the sink counter with a spa-like fold.

Step 1

Lay the smaller towel flat and fold in two corners so the points touch or just overlap.

Step 2

Turn the towel over so the folded side is hidden and fold up one end about 1/3 -- both points will be facing the same direction.

Step 3

Start rolling the towel at the fold until you reach the remaining point or tip.

Step 4

Tuck that tip back into the towel -- open edges are visible where the towel is folded -- to fasten the whole roll together, and pile a few of the rolled hand towels on the counter for guests.

Display Your Towels

You've rolled the towels, saved space and created a neat pile of them. Now store them in plain view as part of your bathroom decor.

  • Stack towels in old wooden crates that may also hold extra soaps and rolls of toilet paper.
  • Pile rolled towels in a big wicker basket under the sink.
  • Fit them end-out into cubbies in a bathroom cupboard.
  • Store rolled towels two or three deep over the tub on a coated wire shelf.
  • Arrange them so the end shows, one at a time, in a precise pattern along an open shelf in a cabinet or on top of a low cabinet or cupboard.
  • Alternate colors if you have more than one color towel. It costs nothing to add a little interest to a bathroom with rolled towels displayed in a deliberate design.