How to Display Fine China in a Cabinet

"A china cabinet is the perfect way to display all of your fine china," according to The cabinet protects your china, while the glass allows it to be easily seen and admired. The purpose of display is to show off the qualities and variety of your collection and, to do that, you'll need to know how best to arrange your fine china.

Stacked set of dishes
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Step 1

Arrange your china pieces by size, according to Place large dinner plates and platters on the bottom shelf, in the back of the cabinet. China cabinets usually have slots in the back of the shelves. These slots hold the rims of the plates so they can stand up.

Step 2

Place "showpieces" such as large platters or serving bowls on their own small display racks if you have the space.

Step 3

Stand smaller plates, such as dessert or bread plates, in front of the larger plates. Place china coffee cups in their saucers. Arrange them so they don't completely cover the plates behind them.

Step 4

Arrange fine china pieces like gravy boats, creamers, sugar bowls and butter servers in the very front of the cabinet to display them. If your china set is too large to fit attractively in the cabinet, wrap up the excess and store it elsewhere.

Step 5

Use glass cleaner and cloths to clean the cabinet glass from time to time so the pieces can be easily seen.