How to Stop Someone From Using My Address for Deliveries

Receiving mail on a consistent basis for someone who does not live or no longer lives at your address can be irritating. It is impossible to stop mail from vendors unless each vendor is contacted individually and notified of your refusal to accept mail on another's behalf. While not all mail can be stopped at your choosing, much of your unwanted and misdelivered mail can be curbed by alerting the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Alert the USPS of unwanted mail.

Correct Location, Wrong Recipient

Step 1

Write "Not at this Address" on the envelope or piece of mail you receive. Do not erase or mark up the mail in any other way.

Step 2

Place the mail back in the mailbox and leave for the mailman to pick up. Alternatively, hand it to the mailman and tell him that the recipient of the mail does not live at the delivered-to address.

Step 3

Contact the USPS office in your area to speak to a representative and file a complaint if you are still receiving unwanted mail. The USPS will conduct an investigation and contact you within two days to report their findings.