How to Make a Cardboard File Organizer for My Office

In this era of paperless offices and cloud computing, there are still a number of documents that you need to keep on paper. Items like car titles, mortgage paperwork and notices from your child's school all come on hard copy. Rather than keep these papers in a drawer or other easy-to-forget spot, create an attractive cardboard file organizer for your desk or office shelf. This handy file box can also serve double duty as a storage space for magazines or craft patterns.

When your file organizer gets too full, neatly organize your pile of paperwork with a cardboard box file.

Step 1

Remove the wax paper liner from the cereal box. Cut off the entire top of the box. Use a regular-sized cereal box, which measures about 8 by 11 inches.

Step 2

Stand the box on the table in front of you with the front of the box facing you. Measure down the right edge to a spot 6 inches from the top. Make a dot here to mark this spot. Turn the box around so that the back of the box is facing you. Measure down the left edge of the back to a spot 6 inches from the top and mark that spot.

Step 3

Turn the box halfway so that the two marked dots are at the right and left. Hold the ruler against the box at the level of the two marks and draw a line between the two points.

Step 4

Turn the box so that the front is facing you. Use a ruler and marker to draw a line from the upper left corner down to the dot on the right edge. Turn the box around and do the same thing by drawing a line from the upper right corner down to the point on the left edge.

Step 5

Cut along all three lines that you marked. You will be removing a triangular wedge of box cardboard, leaving the box with a large corner cut off.

Step 6

Cover the box with contact paper. Fold the edges of the contact paper inside the box to create a smooth edge to the file box.

Step 7

Stand the box on your desk or on a shelf with the large opening facing you. Slip files and folders into the file organizer. The files will stand up inside the box.

Victoria Bailey

Victoria Bailey

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