How to Prevent cushions from sliding

Some time or another we have sat in or we own a piece of furniture that has sliding cushions. My Pure, simple and economical tips can make that aggravating event disappear.

Prevent cushions from sliding

Purchase a roll of shelf liner from the dollar store, Wal-Mart or kitchen supply store. It is a plastic like weave, pliable material that can be cut with scissors, into any size you need. You will have a choice of colors and widths too, so be prepared for a choice. Your selection will depend on the area you will be preventing from sliding and the number of pieces you will be treating.


You can cut the shelf liner in several different ways to obtain the results of a non-slipping cushion. The shelf liner can be cut in strips and placed on the outer area of the cushion, just in the middle or a full coverage of the cushion that has been moving, driving you crazy at home.

Step 3

The shelf liner can be used under a futon to prevent it from sliding on the wooden or manufactured frame. Take the scissors and cut pieces that are the size of the frame pieces. No need to use anything to secure the shelf liner in place since that material adheres well to most surfaces.


In between the mattress and box spring, you can place several pieces of shelf liner to stop those two from separating. It is not necessary to line the entire surface in between those two sleeping pieces. Just enough on the outer 4 sides will stop their movement.

Step 5

If you have any shelf liner left over, you might want to consider putting some under the dog dish, so it stops traveling in your home. A piece under a scatter rug can make that rug a little safer since the rug will not be moving either. Under a blender or food processor in the kitchen, shelf liner can stop the traveling appliances on your counter top. Under the kitchen table cushions is a great place to put some shelf liner pieces to stop those from moving too.