How to File a Complaint With the United Parcel Service

When you ship with the United Parcel Service or expect delivery of packages through this company, usually your delivery occurs without incident. Occasionally, a package will arrive damaged or will not arrive at all. When this happens, file a complaint with the United Parcel Service to remedy the situation. Visit the UPS website or contact them by telephone to expedite a solution to your complaint.

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Step 1

Visit (see Resources) to begin the complaint process.

Step 2

Enter your tracking number in the blank field, whether you are the shipper and then select the kind of complaint you wish to file. Choose from a lost package, a damaged package or a driver not collecting a COD payment. Click "Continue."

Step 3

Register to create an account by entering a contact name, a user ID, an email address and a password into the appropriate fields. Click "Next." Enter your contact information into the appropriate fields. Click "Next."

Step 4

Complete the form on the following page to report a package that never arrived. Click "Next" to submit the complaint form. If you are reporting a damaged package, enter the damage information into the appropriate fields to describe the package and the extent of the damage. Click "Next" to submit the complaint form.

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