How to Turn a Bookcase Into a Shoe Rack

If your shoes have begun to spill out from the closet every time you try to open the door, it's probably time to find a better storage solution for your footwear. Fortunately, you don't have to make a trip to the store for an expensive shoe organizer. Transform an old bookcase that's been collecting dust in the basement into a shoe rack that will hold the shoes that have been piling up on the floor.

Woman searching for shoes in closet
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Save yourself some rummaging time by creating a better shoe organizer.

Step 1

Remove each shelf from the bookcase and place them flat on your work surface. Center one of the long cabinet handles on top of each shelf, along the front edge. The cabinet handles act as gates at the front edge of the shelves to keep the shoes in place. Mark the location of the handle's screw holes on each of the shelves.

Step 2

Remove the handles and drill through the marks on the shelves. Reposition the handles on top of the shelves and screw the handles to the shelves using the screws that came with the handles.

Step 3

Adjust the supports for the shelves. If the bookcase has adjustable supports, move the rear shelf support pins of each shelf up one notch; now each shelf angles downward.

Step 4

Attach an L-bracket at the back of each shelf. To locate the position for the L-bracket, slide one shelf back into place on the bookcase and make a mark at the back, center of the shelf. Remove the shelf and screw the L-bracket to the bookcase. Slide the shelf back into place and insert a screw through the bottom of the L-bracket and into the shelf. The brackets prevent the downward slope of the shelves and the weight of the shoes from making the shelf slide off the shelf support pins.