How to Fix a Swell in My Air Mattress

Air mattresses are a saving grace for a camper's comfort. Having an air mattress on hand when on an outing can mean the difference between a good night's sleep and being exhausted the next day. Before you go on a trip, you should always inflate your air mattress to make sure it does not leak and does not have a swell. To fix a swell in an air mattress, you only need a repair kit.

Step 1

Let the air out of the mattress to deflate it completely.

Step 2

Size the patch with the bulge or swell. Place the patch over the swelled area to make sure it is large enough to cover it and have 1 1/2 to 2 inches of excess on all sides.

Step 3

Brush the glue from the repair kit onto the backside of the patch using the brush included in the kit. Let the glue soak into the patch and wait until it is tacky before proceeding.

Step 4

Press the center of the patch to the center point of the swelled area and then press out to the patch's edges with your fingers to keep any air bubbles from forming under the patch. Allow the glue to dry following the repair kit instructions.

Step 5

Inflate the air mattress. The swell should now be gone. Deflate the air mattress and store it per the manufacturer's instructions.