How to Get Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Off a Cherry Wood Table

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers remove tough stains from almost any surface, yet the website recommends not to use them on stainless steel, automobile exteriors or satin, high gloss, faux, bare or polished wood surfaces. Cherry, a dark hardwood useful for making tables, cabinets and other furniture, is likely to show a dull residue from a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser that the homeowner used by mistake. Fortunately, it is not difficult to remove the residue.

Dark cherry wood looks elegant in tables and other wood furniture.

Step 1

Dust the surface of the cherry wood table before attempting to clean it.

Step 2

Pour 1 gallon of very hot water into a bucket. Put on your rubber cleaning gloves to protect your hands from the hot temperature.

Step 3

Add the gum turpentine and linseed oil to the bucket. Swish the water to mix the ingredients.

Step 4

Place your cleaning cloth into the solution and wring it out well.

Step 5

Rub the cloth with the grain of the cherry wood to remove residue from the Magic Eraser. The gum turpentine and hot water work to remove the residue or any soils, stains or marks on your cherry wood table. The linseed oil restores the shine and protects the finish.

Step 6

Buff the cherry wood table with a dry, lint-free cloth to restore the shine.

Step 7

Use lemon oil or furniture wax on the wood surfaces if you desire.

Chelsea Fitzgerald

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