How to Get a Sweat Smell Out of a Mattress

Summer nights, medical conditions and several other factors can be responsible for the sweat smell in your mattress. Considering most people spend a third of their lives in bed; it is no surprise this odor is common in many bedrooms. This particular odor can increase in potency until the mattress is properly cleaned. Like any frequent odor, it is a good idea to attack the smell as soon as possible and maintain a regiment of odor control.

Keeping odors off mattresses should be part of your cleaning regiment.


Step 1

Vacuum the mattress to remove excess dead skin particles.

Step 2

Place the mattress outside in the sun. The sun kills the bacteria causing the odor. The fresh air permeates the mattress fibers and aids in removing the odor. Four to six hours of sunlight should be sufficient to remove the odor.

Step 3

Return the mattress to the bedroom.

Step 4

Leave the mattress unmade and close the bedroom door for two hours.


Step 5

Vacuum the mattress.

Step 6

Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar.

Step 7

Spray a thin layer of white vinegar over the entire mattress.

Step 8

Place the mattress on its side against the wall.

Step 9

Turn on a space heater, and direct it at the mattress to dry it out.