How to Keep Mosquitoes, Ants, Mice And Bees Away

I am going to tell you some different ways that you can use a bounce dryer sheet. It is so much better to use a bounce sheet than all the different kinds of sprays they have out there. This is a way you can help the enviroment. It is also a lot cheaper then most sprays out there. And it is sure not to hurt your pets.

only bounce will work

Step 1

The best way I have found to get rid of Ants is lay a bounce sheet down where I see Ants. Bounce will chase them out of there.

Step 2

If you have Mice in your house lay some bounce sheets down where you hear or see them. It will repel the Mice and they will go elsewhere.

Step 3

If you hate Mosquitoes as much as I do then tie a bounce sheet through a belt loop on your pants when you are outdoors. It will keep the Mosquitoes away .

Step 4

If you are outside gardening put a bounce dryer sheet in your shirt pocket or pant pocket Or you can even tie it around your wrist and it will keep the Bees away.