How to Clean Your Rainfall Showerhead Holes

Rainfall shower heads give you a sense of luxury while you stand underneath the wide spray of rain-like showers. They offer a true spa-like ambiance to your shower, but failing to keep a rainfall shower head clean can clog up its holes. Cleaning your rainfall shower head holes isn't difficult and only takes about 10 minutes.

Step 1

Remove the shower head by twisting it from the base.

Step 2

Mix a half gallon of hot water with the vinegar in the plastic bowl.

Step 3

Position the shower head with the holes pointing down and pour the 6 tablespoons of salt down the back of it. The salt will go down the small pipe that is used to twist into the shower base.

Step 4

Pour about a half a cup of the water and vinegar mix down the back of the shower nozzle, following the salt.

Step 5

Place the shower head, with the holes facing down, into the bowl of the remaining water and vinegar solution.

Step 6

Swish the water around for about a minute.

Step 7

Hold the shower head over the shower drain and pour the remaining solution into the back where you poured the salt and water previously.

Step 8

Twist the rainfall shower head back onto the base securely.

Step 9

Turn your shower on hot water only, and let the salt and vinegar water run through the shower head for approximately 15 minutes.