How to Clean the Filter on a Shop Vac

A Shop Vac makes many cleaning jobs an easy task, easily collecting small chunks of debris that would damage a normal vacuum cleaner. A Shop Vac can collect both wet and dry items, and are especially helpful in workshops, hence the name 'Shop' Vac. These heavy duty vacuums can collect sawdust, wood shavings, and even lawn mulch. These machines are useful for so many clean up projects, and are considered a necessity in many workshops and homes. The vacuums need little work to maintain, requiring a simple filter cleaning every few months.

Step 1

Remove the filter from the Shop Vac. Take outdoors, and tap on the ground to remove any loose dirt (wear a dust mask if needed).

Step 2

Rinse the filter with a garden hose to remove any built-in dirt. Rinse until the majority of the dirt has been rinsed away.

Step 3

Scrub remaining dirt with an old toothbrush. This will allow you to reach into small crevices where thick dirt can often gather.

Step 4

Rinse once more with hose to remove and dirt that has been loosened.

Step 5

Let the filter dry thoroughly. This can take a few hours, but is a crucial step in the cleaning process. Using the filter while it is still wet can cause dirt to collect in the filter more quickly. Placing the filter back into the Shop Vac before dry can also create a musty smell that will emit from the Shop Vac when cleaning in the future.

Mel Frank

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