How to Program a Liebert Thermostat

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Emerson's Liebert Mini-Mate line of cooling, air filtration and humidity control devices are usually installed above dropped ceilings in rooms where computer networks or other valuable equipment are stored. They come in a variety of configurations but are typically controlled by a standard Liebert thermostat, or microprocessor, which you can program and monitor. Familiarize yourself with the Liebert thermostat's basic controls, and let the system do the work for you.

Step 1

Press the "I/O" button in the upper-left corner of the keypad to turn on the thermostat.

Step 2

Press "Menu" to access an array of settings. Use the up and down arrows on the keypad to choose "Setpoints" and then press "Enter."

Step 3

Use the up and down arrows to select "Temp setpoint," and press "Enter" again.

Step 4

Scroll up and down with the keypad buttons to set the temperature at your desired level. Press "Enter" again.

Step 5

Use the up and down arrows on the keypad from the "Setpoint" menu to change the humidity, high and low temperature and humidity alarms, and other specialized settings.

Step 6

Use the arrow keys to select "Menu" then "Setback" to program times to alter the system temperatures throughout the week or weekend to save power during server shutdowns and office vacancies. Use the up and down arrows to change the temperatures and humidity levels in the subsequent boxes that appear for each period specified.


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