Bissell Powersteamer Turbo Operating Instructions

By using a combination of cleaning solution and 6.26 amps of suction, the Bissell PowerSteamer Pro removes "deep down" dirt from carpets and upholstery (references 1). First-time operators of this machine may scratch their heads in some confusion. Unlike a dry vacuum, the Bissell PowerSteamer Pro contains a pair of tanks for various fluids, which are crucial to the cleaning prowess of the machine. Learn how to fill and operate your Bissell PowerSteamer Pro with confidence and get effective cleaning of carpets and other surfaces.

Water Tank

Step 1

Use your foot to depress the handle release on the backside base of the vacuum, and lay the machine handle down to expose the water tank (references 2 pdf pg. 9).

Step 2

Raise the tank handle and lift the tank away from the Bissell PowerSteamer Pro machine. Carry the tank over to a sink or other source of water.

Step 3

Roll the tank handle forward and raise the tank lid. Set the lid aside.

Step 4

Fill the tank with hot tap water. Do not boil the water, which may damage the bladder inside the tank (references 2 pdf pg. 9).

Step 5

Replace the lid atop the tank. Use the handle in the upright position to carry the tank back over to the machine.

Step 6

Place the tank back atop the base of the Bissell PowerSteamer Pro. Check that the tank is firmly in place, and roll the handle toward the rear of the vacuum to lock the tank in place. Raise the vacuum handle back to its upright position.

Formula Tank

Step 7

Lift the formula tank from the side of the base of the Bissell PowerSteamer Pro. Remove the cap and insert, and set them aside (references 2 pdf pg. 9).

Step 8

Pour formula up to the line on the side of the tank. Bissell recommends using its own brand of formula to "maximize cleaning and for the safety of your machine." (references 2 pdf pg. 9) For Bissell 3X Concentrated Fiber Cleaning Formula, introduce three capfuls of the formula into the tank, then fill to the line with warm water.

Step 9

Replace the formula tank insert and cap, and reinstall the tank onto the vacuum base.

Settings and General Operation

Step 10

Use the dial below the formula tank to choose from one of three settings. Settings include "High Traffic," "Normal," and "Water Rinse." These settings customize the amount of formula that is combined with the heated water (references 2 pdf pg. 10).

Step 11

Plug in the machine and turn the Bissell PowerSteamer Pro power switch to "On."

Step 12

Press the spray trigger on the handle, and roll the machine slowly forward and back once over the area of the stain (references 2 pdf pg. 10).

Step 13

Release the trigger and roll the machine slowly forward and back a second time over the same spot. Repeat as many times as necessary until the formula coming up from the cleaning surface appears clean. Use further passes without pulling the spray trigger to aid in drying of the carpet.

Step 14

Empty the water tank once cleaning is complete. Following each use, remove the lint screen beneath the tank lid, and rinse it clean (referenes 2 pdf pg. 11) Reinstall the lint screen before reinstalling the water tank.