How to Remove Permanent Fabric Glue

If you get permanent fabric glue on your clothes, you won't be able to completely remove it with soap and water. If you catch it before it dries you might be able to remove it without staining the fabric, but if it dries you will need to remove it a different way. You always should read the directions and instructions before you use the product to know how to remove it.

Step 1

Scrape off the excess dried glue from the fabric. Pull off as much as you can without damaging the fabric.

Step 2

If the fabric glue is stuck to upholstery, dab a very small amount of acetone or another solvent on a cotton swab and rub it on the glue to break it down. This will make it easier to peel the glue off.

Step 3

Take the clothing to a dry cleaner to get rid of the remaining glue after you have scraped off the excess. It might take more than one cleaning to get rid of it completely.