Instructions for the Steam Vac Dual V

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Allow the carpet to dry for at least several hours after cleaning. It's best not to walk on it while it's damp.

The Hoover Steam Vac Dual V is an in-home steam cleaner designed for carpeted surfaces. You can also use the Steam Vac Dual V with hardwood surfaces, but doing so requires the purchase of an optional accessory. Using an in-home steam cleaner can save you money versus paying a professional carpet cleaner. The Steam Vac Dual V works by dispersing hot cleaning solution, then scrubbing the carpet and picking up the excess liquid. Using a Steam Vac Dual V is a straighforward process that might seem intimidating until you've done it for a few minutes.


Step 1

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly before using the steam vac. This ensures that your Steam Vac Dual V can properly steam clean the carpet.

Step 2

Make sure the unit is shut off and the cord is unplugged. Press the fill tank handle downward to release it from the unit. The fill tank is the top tank; the bottom tank is the recovery tank.

Step 3

Twist off the fill tank cap. Pour 1 gallon of hot tap water into the fill tank. It's best to do this with a sink faucet. Replace the cap. Twist off the detergent tank cap. The detergent tank is the small tank permanently attached to the fill tank.


Step 4

Fill the detergent tank with 16 ounces of Hoover cleaning solution. Replace the cap.

Step 5

Set the fill tank back inside its mount. Move the selection switch to "Auto Rinse Wash." Bring the Hoover to the room you plan on cleaning. Plug the machine in.

Step 6

Turn the "Power" switch to "On." Squeeze the unit's trigger to begin spraying the cleaning solution. Move the unit over the carpet. It's best to work in parallel lines, one small section of the carpet at a time. When you reach the end of the section, release the trigger.


Step 7

Move the unit back over the section to scrub the carpet and suck up the cleaning solution. Do this slowly for the Steam Vac Dual V to work effectively. Move to the next section of the carpet and repeat the process. Continue this until the floor is clean.

Step 8

Turn the machine off and unplug it. Step on the handle release lever and lower the handle. This gives you access to the recovery tank. Lift the recovery tank out and empty the dirty water.


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