My Hoover SteamVac Will Not Pick Up Water

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If using a hose attachment, remove the attachment and check its interior for blockages. Remove any blockages to aid in suction, then replace it. Contact Hoover customer service at 800-263-6376 for additional help in improving suction.

The Hoover SteamVac is a carpet cleaner with the ability to heat water as it treats your flooring. The machine comes in a wide selection of variations, such as a wide-path model, dual-floor model or turbo-power model. Regardless of the specific attributes of your Hoover SteamVac, the process for troubleshooting a machine that fails to pick up water is similar and could keep you from the hassle of filing a warranty claim or coordinating professional repair.


Step 1

Turn off the SteamVac. Unplug it from the power supply.

Step 2

Remove the carpet cleaner's clean solution tank. Check the water and detergent levels, and refill if necessary. Set the tank aside.

Step 3

Remove the unit's recovery tank -- this is the dirty-water tank. It is held in place by latches on its right and left sides.

Step 4

Unlatch and remove the tank's lid. Empty its contents into a sink.


Step 5

Replace the lid on the recovery tank. Confirm that the lid has a tight seal all the way around the top of the tank -- an improper seal can result in a loss of suction.

Step 6

Seat the recovery tank back in its compartment, and relatch it on both sides. Replace the clean solution tank.

Step 7

Plug the SteamVac back in, and turn it on to test.



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