The Hoover FloorMate cleans hard floor surfaces such as tile, laminate, sealed wood, vinyl and linoleum. The appliance is equipped with spinning brushes to scrub the dirt off the floor, plus a built-in squeegee to remove much of the cleaning solution and cut down on drying time. The FloorMate can be used like a regular vacuum for dry cleaning, or it can spray a cleaning solution with the push of a trigger on the handle.

Step 1

Fill the FloorMate's cleaning solution reservoir with the appropriate cleaner. One cleaner is formulated for hardwood floors, and the other cleaner is for other hard surfaces.

Step 2

Step on the FloorMate's wet/dry pedal to choose "dry pickup." Push the brush control switch on the handle to the "wet/dry pickup" position. Vacuum the floor to remove any surface dirt before you move on to wet cleaning.

Step 3

Step on the wet/dry pedal again to choose "wet pickup/scrub." Move the brush control switch to the "wet scrub" position. This lowers the scrub brushes.

Step 4

Begin scrubbing the floor, squeezing the trigger on the hand grip as needed to dispense the cleaning solution. Don't hurry the FloorMate; slowly moving it back and forth over the floor will produce the best results.

Step 5

To dry the area you've just cleaned, move the brush control switch to "wet/dry pickup," which brings the brushes off the floor. Move the FloorMate over the area until the dirty cleaning solution has been vacuumed up.

Step 6

With the brush control switch back in the "wet scrub" position, move on to the next area, following Steps 4 and 5.

Step 7

Empty the recovery tank as needed when it fills with the dirty cleaning solution. The FloorMate has an automatic shutoff that prevents it from picking up more debris when the tank is full.