How to Clean BBQ Hot Plates

When cleaning your barbecue, you want to remove the debris that has built up on its hot plates. Since the hot plates come into contact with the food, they need to be cleaned regularly to prevent any type of decontamination. The best time to clean barbecue hot plates is after each time you use the grill.

Step 1

Turn the barbecue to the highest setting and close the lid of the grill. This will help sear off any residue that has stuck to the barbecue hot plates during cooking. Wait five to 10 minutes to allow the plates to cool.

Step 2

Use a barbecue bristle brush to scrub away any other food and residue that is stuck to the hot plates. You may have to make several passes over the surface of the hot plate to get off as much debris as possible,

Step 3

With a dry washcloth or paper towel, rub the surface of the hot plates. This will clean off any grease that was not removed by the barbecue brush.

Step 4

Remove the hot plates and soak them if you are still not able to completely clean away the residue. Make a solution of mild dish detergent and hot water and put the hot plates in it overnight. Rinse and towel-dry the following day.

Step 5

Prep the hot-plate surface again. After a through cleaning, place a thin layer of oil on the hot plate to prevent rust from building up. The easiest way to do this is to use cooking spray.