Troubleshooting a Bissell PowerSteamer PowerBrush

The Bissell PowerSteamer PowerBrush carpet cleaner is a deep cleaning machine designed for quick and efficient cleaning. The most common issues with the cleaner that require troubleshooting typically involve the suction or spraying of cleaning solution. Additionally, the DirtLifter PowerBrush may stop turning. Typically, you can trace these problems back to user error or malfunction involving a handful of parts that include the 2-in-1 tank and/or lint screen or the pump or brush belts.

Cleaning Solution Suction Issue

Step 1

Turn off your Bissell PowerSteamer PowerBrush carpet cleaner.

Step 2

Press the cleaner handle release and lay the cleaner handle back to access the 2-in-1 tank. Grasp the tank by the handle and lift it up.

Step 3

Carry the tank to a sink. Turn the handle to the back of the tank to unlock the lid and then remove the lid. Pour any dirty water down the drain.

Step 4

Remove the lint screen from the lid and wash it to remove any residues that may have interfered with the suction. When finished, reinsert the screen in the lid.

Step 5

Refill the inside tank with fresh, hot tap water. Return the lid to the tank and lock it in place. Return the tank to the cleaner, making certain that you've positioned the tank correctly in its cavity on the cleaner.

Step 6

Check the removable nozzle to make certain that you attached it correctly. If the nozzle looks loose, remove and reattach it, making certain that the hooks on the nozzle slide into the slots on the machine base. Press on the nozzle until you feel it lock in place.

Step 7

Power on your cleaner and begin cleaning again.

Cleaning Solution Spray Issues

Step 8

Turn off your Bissell PowerSteamer PowerBrush carpet cleaner.

Step 9

Check that you positioned the 2-in-1 tank correctly in its cavity on the cleaner. If positioned correctly, check that the inner tank still has water in it. If it doesn't have any water in it, refill with hot tap water.

Step 10

Power on the cleaner and try spraying the solution again.

Step 11

Shut off your cleaner again if the issue persists. Access the belt compartment – located to the left of the removable nozzle on the cleaner body -- to see if any of the belts shifted out of position or broke.

Step 12

Insert a flat-head screwdriver into the slot on the compartment access door to unlock the door from the cleaner. Remove the door.

Step 13

Confirm that the pump belt – located at the outside left edge of the compartment near the slots – doesn't require repositioning or repair. If the belt has moved out of the correct position, slide it back into place. If the belt has cracks or tears, feels loose or broke apart, contact Bissell Customer Service at 800-237-7691 to order a replacement.

Step 14

Slide the access door back into position on your cleaner and push it into place until it clicks/locks. Turn on your cleaner and try using the spray again.