Bissell Little Green Machine Troubleshooting

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The Bissell Little Green Machine is a hand-held deep cleaner well-suited for use in areas too difficult to reach with a full-sized upright cleaner. The Little Green Machine comes equipped with a 48-ounce tank, a power cord 15 feet in length and a 3-inch cleaning tool. Although the device is simple to use, you may encounter problems caused by the accumulation of dirt and grime or improper assembly.


If the problem appears to be with the spray nozzle, first confirm that the nozzle is properly primed. Hold down the spray nozzle's trigger button and apply gentle pressure to the side of the cleaner's solution tank; this will prime the nozzle for use. If problems persist, locate and press the spray nozzle's release button and remove the cleaning tool. Rinse the cleaning tool under clean tap water. Examine the tool and the nozzle hose for any accumulated debris or grime; afterwards, affix the tool back onto the hose. Lift the solution tank out of the Little Green Machine and clean the insert located at the bottom. Examine the tank and confirm that it is properly filled with solution. Replace the tank and prime the spray nozzle as before. If your Little Green Machine fails to pick up water during cleaning, the problem may be with the water tank. First, confirm that the tank is properly seated; raise and lower the tank release latch to confirm that the tank is secured. If that does not solve the problem, check that the tank is not full of dirty water. If it is, raise the tank release latch and remove the tank from the device. Carry the tank to a utility sink or outdoors and pour out the contents. Rinse the tank clean and check for any debris that may have accumulated. Return the tank to the device and confirm that it is properly secured by the tank release latch. If the device still fails to operate properly, confirm that you are using the cleaner in the intended manner. When cleaning, hold the tool an inch above the target surface, pull the trigger to release some cleaning solution and scrub the area with the brush head. To pull the dirty solution into the water tank, keep the cleaning tool pressed against the surface while scrubbing towards yourself (you may squeeze the trigger to add extra solution while you clean, if you feel this is necessary). Repeat this process several times until the water being pulled in appears clean. Perform a few more strokes without adding any solution; this will help dry the area you have just cleaned. Check that the water tank is not yet full, then move on to a new area.


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