The Ionic Pro is an air purifier that removes airborne particles from the air. The Ionic Pro works by sending negative ions into the air which bind with the particles, making them heavy and forcing them to the ground. You may have problems with your Ionic Pro on occasion. To return your device to working order, troubleshoot and fix your machine.

Indicator Light Does Not Turn On

The Ionic Pro air purifier indicator light should turn on when the unit is plugged into an electrical outlet and the "On/Off" button is pressed. If the button is pressed and the indicator light does not turn on, parts of the air purifier are not inserted properly in the machine. Check that the collection blades are inserted in the machine. The collection blades are the part of the air purifier that traps particles in the air. The blades slide into the machine from the top. Reinsert the blades before turning on the purifier again.

Next, make sure the wire cleaning mechanism is properly inserted in the machine. The wire cleaning mechanism is a long bar that is inserted in the top of the purifier near the end of the rounded edge. The wire cleaning mechanism should be fully pushed into the machine before resuming normal operation.

Clean Light

The Ionic Pro has a red "Clean" indicator light that lets you know when excess particles have accumulated in the machine. When the light comes on, perform the following cleaning process to return your air purifier to normal operation. First, unplug the air purifier and let it power down for at least one minute. Pull the collection blades from the top of the machine and wipe them down with a cloth dipped in warm, soapy water. Rinse off the blades once they are clean and let them air dry for 24 hours. Once dry, insert the collection blades back into the machine.

Pull up and push down on the wire cleaning mechanism several times to remove any particles that may be stuck to the ionizing wires inside the machine to finish the cleaning process.

Resetting the Machine

The Ionic Pro's "Clean" light may light up when an error occurs in the system. Do not assume, however, that when the "Clean" indicator light is lit that there is an error. First check if the machine needs to be cleaned.

If the collection blades are clean, the unit needs to be reset. Press and hold the "On/Off" button on the machine to reset the air purifier. Let go of the button after a few seconds and use the machine as normal.