How to Clean a Bissell ProHeat

Whether used in a home, office, vehicle or other location, the Bissell ProHeat upright carpet steam cleaner deep cleans nearly any carpet type. Bissell Homecare Inc. not only designed the ProHeat with ergonomics and ease-of-use in mind, but also for easy cleanup and maintenance. With a few cleaning items from around your home, you can quickly and thoroughly clean your ProHeat to extend the life of the unit by reducing debris, blockage and bacteria that can damage it over time.

Step 1

Turn off your ProHeat. Unplug it from the electrical socket and return the power cord to its holders.

Step 2

Remove the "2-in-1" water tank by grasping the handle and pulling it from the cleaner's base. Pull the handle forward and turn slightly to remove the top lid of the tank. Dispose of any dirty water still inside of the bottom portion collection area.

Step 3

Detach the red lint screen from the tank lid. Rinse it and the entire tank under hot running water. Use a microfiber cloth or soft-bristled brush and/or a mild detergent approved for your machine to wipe away any dirty residue in the lint screen, inside the bottom portion, and outside and around the "heavy duty bladder." Afterward, rinse again under hot running water and set aside to air-dry.

Step 4

Pull the nozzle handle and remove the nozzle from the front of the unit. Rinse under running water and clean with a mild detergent and microfiber cloth. If a blockage exists, pull your microfiber cloth from the top through the bottom to unblock. Rinse a second time and air-dry.

Step 5

Pull any hair, lint or other debris from the brush roll with your hand or a soft-bristled brush. Run your fingertips or brush along the edge of the brush roll, then pull upward to loosen and remove the debris. If necessary, use a dry vacuum cleaner and a brush head attachment to loosen and suck away hair, lint and other debris from the brush roll.

Step 6

Rinse, wash and rinse again all of your attachments in hot running water and then air-dry. Return the nozzle and water tank to the cleaner. Line the hooks on the nozzle with the slots on the front, attach and then click into place.

Step 7

Reassemble the water tank, grasp the handle on the top and push the tank into place on the base. Clean the outside of the unit with a damp microfiber cloth.