Shark irons have a self-cleaning setting, making it easy to remove scale and other debris on the soleplate. Periodic wiping of the iron's exterior surfaces also helps keep the unit clean and functional.

Self-Cleaning Function

The basic function for the self-cleaning setting is the same for all Shark iron models. The process forces steam and boiling water through the soleplate holes to clear out any obstructions or buildup.

Step 1

Fill the iron with water through the water inlet door, filling it exactly to the Max line indicated on the tank. Close the door securely.

Step 2

Plug in the Shark iron with the unit in the upright position on a heat-resistant surface. Choose the setting marked with three dots to reach the preset temperature for self-cleaning. Allow the iron to preheat until a solid green light shows.

Step 3

Hold the iron over a sink with the soleplate facing down. Switch the iron to the Self-Clean setting on the steam control.

Step 4

Move the iron slightly to initiate the steam and boiling water. Allow the process to continue until the iron is clean.

Step 5

Add more water to the tank if necessary to clean the iron completely. When the soleplate appears free of scale and buildup, shut off the iron off and unplug it. Pour out any extra water still left in the tank. Turn the steam selector back to the No Steam setting. Allow the iron to cool in an upright position.

Exterior Clean

The exterior of the Shark iron also needs regular cleaning. While the iron is cool, wipe the exterior with a clean, damp cloth about once every two weeks. Dry it with a clean, dry cloth after cleaning.

If you use spray starch on a regular basis, you'll need to wipe down the soleplate occasionally. A clean, damp cloth works to remove the buildup of starch.