How to Use The Bissell PowerSteamer

The Bissell PowerSteamer is a home cleaning machine that uses hot water and a special cleaning formula for an easy, deep clean at home. The Bissell website says the machine will even get the dirt out of the most high-traffic areas in your house. You can clean your carpet and upholstery in just a few easy steps with the Bissell PowerSteamer.

Preparing the PowerSteamer

Step 1

Take the SmartMix Tank out of the base of the PowerSteamer. The SmartMix tank is the area on top of the base where the cleaning solution goes.

Step 2

Fill the tank to the marked fill level with the cleaning solution, then put it back on the PowerSteamer.

Step 3

Set the SmartMix setting to the one you want for your cleaning: "water only," "normal" or "high-traffic." The setting knob is located on the top side of the base. Set the Ready Tools knob on the other side of the base to floors.

Step 4

Remove the Tank-in-Tank. This is the container that holds the water. Step on the handle release at the base of the PowerSteamer to move the Tank-in-Tank handle out of the way. Lift the handle back up to lock the lid in place and take the Tank-in-Tank out.

Step 5

Take the Tank-in-Tank to the sink or tub and fill it with hot tap water. You will have to move the handle forward to release the lid. Fill it as high as the bottom of the neck.

Step 6

Put the lid back on and place it back on the PowerSteamer, making sure to lock it into place by moving the handle back.

Cleaning the Carpet

Step 7

Remove any furniture from the area and vacuum.

Step 8

Plug in the PowerSteamer and turn it on. The power switch is on the back of the handle, about halfway down.

Step 9

Hold the trigger at the top of the handle down as you make one back-and-forward pass over the area you are cleaning.

Step 10

Stop holding the trigger and move back over the same area. This will remove any excess water.

Step 11

Repeat this process until the solution being pulled up on the second pass appears clean. Pass over the area without holding down the trigger until you can't see any more water coming up.

Cleaning the Tank-in-Tank

Step 12

Remove the Tank-in-Tank following the same steps you take to fill it with water.

Step 13

Take the lid off and dump the dirty water down the drain.

Step 14

Remove the lint screen from the tank lid and rinse it before putting it back in the lid.

Step 15

Rinse the Tank-in-Tank with water.