My Bissell PowerSteamer Won't Suck Up Water

The Bissell PowerSteamer carpet cleaner, as with many carpet cleaner brands, uses a cleaning solution and rotating power brush to dislodge soil from carpet fibers. The power brush nozzle then suctions away the soil, cleaner and water from the carpet. Typically, the cleaner loses suction for one of several reasons: the power nozzle has clogged or was improperly installed, the 2-in-1 tank needs emptied, the tank has a clogged lint screen or poorly secured lid, or the tank isn't level or seated correctly in its cavity on the cleaner.

Step 1

Turn off and unplug your Bissell PowerSteamer.

Step 2

Grasp the handle at the top of the power brush nozzle. Pull the nozzle forward and away from the cleaner. If you see debris inside the nozzle, rinse it out using flowing tap water.

Step 3

Pick up the front of your cleaner. Hook the nozzle onto the slots in the base. Push the nozzle forward until you feel it lock in place.

Step 4

Plug in and turn on your cleaner. Try the suction again.

Step 5

Step on the handle release lever. Lay the handle back on the floor if the cleaner still won't suck up water.

Step 6

Lift the 2-in-1 tank out of its cavity on the cleaner. Carry the tank to a sink and remove the lid.

Step 7

Check if the tank needs emptied or if the lint screen has clogged. If necessary, empty the tank or remove the screen and rinse it thoroughly to unclog it.

Step 8

Move the tank handle to the forward position. Return the lid to the tank. Shift the handle upright to lock the lid in place. Try to pull the lid from the tank to confirm that you've locked it.

Step 9

Carry the tank by the handle back to your cleaner. Reinstall it making certain that it sits level and securely in its cavity on the cleaner. Lay the tank handle down and lift the cleaner handle into the locked upright position.

Step 10

Plug in and turn on your cleaner. Try to suck up the water. If your Bissell PowerSteamer still won't work correctly, call Bissell Customer Support at 800-237-7691 for additional assistance.