Troubleshooting a Dirt Devil Bagless Quick Vac

The Dirt Devil Bagless Quick Vac features a crevice tool, removable dirt container and tool caddy to aid you in your vacuuming-related chores. If your Quick Vac begins to display signs of malfunctioning, troubleshoot it before calling for repairs or considering replacement. This not only saves you money, it saves you the time you would have spent waiting on a service technician.

Operation Problems

Step 1

Make sure the vacuum is plugged securely into a working electrical outlet. Check the breaker or fuse box, then reset it or replace any blown fuses.

Step 2

Take the vacuum's plug out of the outlet if it overheats. Once the motor is cool, the thermal protector will deactivate and allow the machine to run again.

Step 3

Call Dirt Devil Customer Service at 800-321-1134 for information on taking the machine to a service center if the machine still does not run.

Pick-up Problems or Dirt Escaping

Step 1

Take the removable dirt container out of the machine and remove all debris. Push the release button on top of the container while you pull the container out.

Step 2

Empty the container into a garbage can by pushing the release button on the clear plastic portion to open it. Push it shut, then twist the lid off to access the filter and screen.

Step 3

Lift the filter from the container and tap it to release any trapped dirt into the trash. Pull the screen out and shake it over the trash to clean it as well. Replace all parts of the screen, filter and dirt container by putting them back in their original position.

Step 4

Inspect the nozzle and brush roll for trapped debris. Look into the hose for any clogs, and remove all foreign objects from the machine.

Step 5

Replace the machine's belt if worn or broken. Turn the machine over to view the nozzle base. Unscrew all six screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 6

Turn the vacuum back over and remove the nozzle cover. Pull the brush roll out. Take the belt off.

Step 7

Lace the new belt around the shaft of the motor, then pull it around the non-bristled portion of the brush roll. Replace the brush roll at this time, if necessary. Position the brush roll in its compartment, sliding the right-hand side of the roll into its slot. Turn the brush by hand to align the belt.

Step 8

Push the nozzle cover back down over the top of the unit, then turn it over and replace all six screws.

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