The Shark line uses steam technology in its irons. The basic operation is similar for all Shark irons, with slight variations in the control mechanisms.

Preparing and Using the Iron

Remove any packaging on a new Shark iron before the first use. Expect a chemical-type odor as the appliance heats up for the first time. Preparation for each use includes only a few steps.

Step 1

Pour water slowly through the water inlet door until the water level reaches the fill line. Do not overfill the tank, as the water may leak out. Close the door securely so the water doesn't drip onto the clothes you iron.

Step 2

Plug in the Shark iron. Adjust the settings based on the fabric you plan to iron.

Step 3

Allow the iron to heat up until the temperature indicator light appears as a solid green light. The green light is the indicator that the unit is at the selected temperature.

Step 4

Choose a steam setting to iron your garment by sliding the lever. Options include no steam, low steam or high steam. High and low options are marked. For no steam, choose "0" or a steam symbol with an "X" through it, depending on the model.

Step 5

Run the iron over the clothing, keeping the soleplate moving over the fabric. Press the steam burst button as needed for difficult wrinkles. Wait at least three seconds between each press of the button to prevent water from leaking.

Maintaining the Iron

A little maintenance keeps your Shark iron operating well. Storage and care tips include:

  • Turn the iron to the lowest setting, and turn off the steam setting when finished.
  • Let the iron cool down completely before you store it.
  • Unplug the iron after you finish using it. Empty the water tank while the unit is unplugged after each use.
  • Store the Shark iron in an upright position.
  • Wipe all outside surfaces of the iron once every two weeks using a damp cloth. Wipe the soleplate regularly if you use spray starch, so it doesn't build up on the surface.
  • Keep sharp or metal objects away from the soleplate to prevent scratching.

Tips for Use

  • If the iron doesn't produce steam, verify that the steam lever is in the correct position. Check the water level and refill if low or empty. Ensure the heat setting is high enough to produce steam, as the antidrip feature prevents steam on low temperature settings.
  • If the iron doesn't heat up properly, check your temperature settings. Check the plug to verify the unit is plugged in securely.
  • The auto-off feature shuts off the Shark iron after 15 minutes of upright inactivity or 30 seconds of inactivity when the unit is horizontal or on its side.
  • Only use the iron on a flat, stable surface to avoid tipping or burns.