How to Troubleshoot a Kirby Shampooer

The Kirby shampooer is an attachment system that is connected to a Kirby vacuum and filled with carpet shampoo. The carpet shampoo is then distributed onto the carpet by moving the vacuum in a reverse direction with the shampoo attachment installed. The user then moves the vacuum cleaner back over the foam areas on the carpet, pulling up the shampoo as well as dirt and debris from the carpet. While the process can be messy, using a Kirby shampooer may be simpler and less expensive than a traditional carpet cleaner. Troubleshooting the Kirby shampoo attachment can help avoid problems.

The Kirby shampooer can be used to clean a variety of carpets.

Step 1

Step down on the foot pedal to lift up the front of the Kirby vacuum if the shampoo tray and nozzle will not fit onto the unit. Push the nozzle onto the vacuum and turn clockwise until it locks.

Step 2

Lower the shampoo tray down as far as possible if the attachment is not dispensing shampoo. Ensure the vacuum is set in "Tech Drive" by pressing down on the yellow pedal.

Step 3

Look inside the shampoo tank to ensure the screen is in place to separate the suds and dirt while operating. If only soapy water enters the tray, the screen is likely missing. The shampoo should appear as white foam in the tray. Note that the screen may get caught in the hose. Set the screen back into place in the tank before shampooing.

Step 4

Fill the shampoo tank with shampoo and water to the fill mark if the shampoo tray does not fill with enough shampoo. Open the valve on the shampoo tank in order for the tray to fill with the carpet shampoo.

Step 5

Move slowly with the Kirby vacuum when laying shampoo down on the carpet or pulling it back up. Pulling the vacuum too quickly may result in too much shampoo or dirty water dispensing in one area, which may stain the carpet.