You can thoroughly clean a Viking oven without the use of harsh chemical cleaners. Many gas and electric Viking ovens have a self-cleaning feature that runs them through a high heat cycle. This cycle bakes stuck-on food into easily removable ash. Clean a Viking oven with the push of a button by taking advantage of the self-cleaning feature.

Self-cleaning ovens burn away food debris from the interior surfaces.

Step 1

Remove broiler pan and grid, oven racks and any other internal oven accessories like temperature probes and drip pans. Refer to the owner's manual for the specific model you are cleaning for the location of these removable parts. Viking double ovens allow you to select to clean only one oven while the other is available and fully operational.

Step 2

Remove any large spilled material from the oven floor, and clean the door gasket and frame with hot water and detergent.

Step 3

Close the door to the Viking oven before selecting the "Upper Oven" or "Lower Oven" on the touch control panel on the front of the oven. Single ovens will not have this selection.

Step 4

Press the "Self Clean" button and then "Set" or "Enter," depending on which model you have. This causes the door to lock, the fan to come on and the display to read, "Self Clean." The timer will automatically begin a four-hour countdown to include 3 1/2 hours of temperatures between 850 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit followed by a 30-minute cool-down.

Step 5

Clean the removed broiler pan and grid, racks and any other removed parts with liquid dish soap and a soft sponge. Scrub difficult spots on the removed pieces with soap-filled steel wool pads to break them up quickly.

Step 6

Wipe down the Viking oven's control panel, front of the door and display screen with a soft, damp sponge to remove oils from hands and food.

Step 7

Open the oven door for an additional 30 minutes of cooling once the full four-hour self-cleaning cycle has completed. The door lock will have automatically released, and the fan will have turned itself off.

Step 8

Wipe down the cooled interior of the oven with a soft soapy sponge to remove the burn food pieces and ash.

Step 9

Reinstall the broiler pan and grid, oven racks and any other oven accessories that were removed for cleaning.