How to know if your smoke detector unit needs replacement, NOT just the battery

We all feel safer, mounting a smoke detector in our home. We all know that the battery should be changed at least yearly. But, surprisingly, the unit itself (both battery operated and hard-wired models)need to be replaced every 8-10 years.

smoke alarm

Step 1

Your smoke detector monitors the air in your home constantly for 24/hrs a day.

Step 2

So, experts estimate that in 10 years, a detector goes through 3-4 million duty cycles. Components wear out, become clogged with dust, and other air contaminants.

Step 3

Unsure just how old your unit is?? Look on the label , on the back of the unit, for a manufacturing date.

Step 4

To make it easy to tell when a replacement is due, write the replacement date on the back on your unit, or on a new one you install. So, when it's time to change the battery, you'll be reminded when the unit should be replaced.