How to Troubleshoot a Smoke Detector That Won't Stop Intermittent Chirping

A smoke detector is one of the most important safety devices you can purchase for your home. When it detects smoke from a possible fire, it will beep or emit a loud alarm to notify you and your family to leave immediately. Some detectors automatically contact and alert the fire station.

Smoke detectors help to prevent fires.

It is common for smoke detectors to beep or chirp if they have problems that need to be fixed. Simple solutions will help keep your smoke detector working well and help ensure that you are safe from fire in your home.

Make sure your batteries are fresh.

Replace the batteries if your smoke alarm begins to chirp or beep. Change your batteries about every six to nine months to make certain they are fresh.

Keep your safety appliances clean.

Clean your smoke detector with a damp cloth to remove any spiderwebs or dust that can potentially set off the alarm.

Check the temperature of your home.

Check the temperature of your home. Smoke detectors that have programmable presets may chirp or beep if it is too hot or too cold in your house. To fix intermittent chirping caused by temperature, adjust the temperature of your home by turning your thermostat up or down a few degrees.

Replace your smoke detectors regularly

Replace your smoke detector when it expires. There is an expiration date on smoke detectors which is usually seven years from the date of purchase. It is also a good idea to replace smoke detectors periodically to benefit from advances in smoke detector technology.