How to Get Your Fire Alarm to Stop Chirping

Smoke alarms chirp, or beep, to alert you of fire and smoke dangers. Even though it quickly grows into an annoyance when an alarm chirps either nonstop or intermittently, always pay attention to the chirping and take the right steps to stop it. Determine whether there is really cause for alarm, the chirping is from an issue inside the device itself or it is a false alarm. In either case, the chirping alerts you to a situation with the device.

A smoke alarm should be placed at strategic spots.

Step 1

Press the reset button on the front of the smoke alarm. Observe whether the alarm remains quiet or continues to chirp.

Step 2

Twist the alarm cover and remove the cover from the wall. Locate the battery compartment inside the unit, and remove the 9-volt battery, if the fire alarm emits a single chirp intermittently.

Step 3

Install a new 9-volt battery into the battery compartment, and put the cover back on the alarm. Observe whether it continues to chirp. Remove the alarm cover and verify that the battery is installed correctly.

Step 4

Remove the fire alarm cover and vacuum out any dust or insects trapped inside it, using a vacuum cleaner hose. Focus on the sensor inside the alarm. Install the cover on the smoke alarm.

Step 5

Move a wall alarm so that it is away from windows, vents, exterior doors and bathroom and kitchen doors. Position the alarm in the middle of a hallway, on the ceiling or on the hallway wall, about 8 inches below the ceiling.

Step 6

Enter your user code into the alarm control panel, if you have an alarm system instead of single wall unit.