The Smoke Detector Won't Stop Chirping

A smoke detector chirps to notify you that its battery is low. Yet sometimes, even if you replace the battery, the unit continues to make sounds, signaling that something is amiss. Take time to troubleshoot the problem. If you address any issues that result in intermittent chirping and the unit continues to sound off, call a professional to achieve peace.


Step 1

Remove the smoke detector from the ceiling or wall and vacuum it with a crevice-tool attachment to rid it of dust and dirt. Pay special attention to the open area between the front cover and back plate, as this is where the sensor is commonly located.

Step 2

Remove the old battery. Press and hold the smoke detector's test button for approximately 15 seconds to reset it. The smoke detector might chirp during this time. Wait until it stops to proceed.

Step 3

Install a fresh battery. Confirm that it is installed correctly and securely snapped into position before putting the smoke detector back on the ceiling or wall.

Step 4

Check to see if the chirping occurs when something else on the electrical circuit is switched on. This only occurs if the smoke detector is plugged into an outlet or is a hardwired device. If it's a plug-in unit, move it to a different outlet. Reset your hardwired unit by turning off the breaker to the unit. Remove the battery from the alarm, and press the reset button for approximately 15 seconds. It will likely chirp and then become silent. Turn the breaker back on and replace the battery securely.

Step 5

Install a new smoke detector if the chirping continues. Smoke detectors eventually need to be replaced. Check the product's user manual for replacement guidelines.